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Whole Keyboard Desoldering/Soldering service

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🔧 **Revive Your Keyboard with Click & Brew's Desoldering Service!** 🔧

Is your mechanical keyboard feeling a bit under the weather? If you've been dreaming of a keyboard makeover, we've got just the service you need at Click & Brew!

Introducing our **Desoldering Service** – the key to unlocking a world of customization and rejuvenation for your trusty keyboard. 🎉

💡 **Why Desoldering Matters:**

Over time, keyboards can face issues like inconsistent keypresses, worn-out switches, or simply the desire for a fresh start with new components. Our Desoldering Service is here to help you reclaim the full potential of your keyboard.

🔧 **What We Offer:**

✅ **Professional Expertise:** Our team of skilled technicians are experienced in the delicate art of desoldering. We handle your keyboard with the utmost care, ensuring every switch is desoldered flawlessly.

✅ **Customization Freedom:** Once your switches are removed, the possibilities are endless. Choose from a vast selection of switches, from tactile to linear, or even opt for specialty switches for a truly unique typing experience.

✅ **Board Restoration:** If your keyboard has seen better days, our Desoldering Service can breathe new life into it. Repair damaged PCBs and replace worn-out components to make your keyboard feel brand new.

Ready to give your keyboard a second chance at greatness? Contact us now to learn more about our services and pricing. Your dream keyboard is just a desolder away!

Do kindly note that this does not include LED desoldering which could have up to 4 desoldering points for the LED. The process of desoldering takes around 7 working days depending on our schedule. 

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