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100g Specialty Grade Coffee Bean Ethiopia Guji Anferara

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Ethiopia Guji Anferara 

We are pleased to introduce a wonderful coffee from Guji Adola in southern Ethiopia to our lineup.

This region, with its complex topography of highlands, valleys, and plains, is characterized by nutrient-rich black soil and significant temperature variations between day and night due to its high altitude. These conditions create an ideal environment for producing high-quality coffee.

We also focus on community-based initiatives by dividing the farms into four sections and implementing processing methods for cherries from small-scale producers in the surrounding areas, in addition to managing our own farms.

For this particular batch, a four-day anaerobic fermentation process followed by meticulous drying for 18 days has been employed to further enhance the unique flavors of Ethiopia, reminiscent of berries and blood oranges. You can also savor the changes in taste that occur with different temperature ranges.

This coffee offers a robust flavor without being overwhelming, making it a delightful choice that won't leave you tired of drinking it. We invite you to give it a try!

Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 1900-1950m
Prossessing: Natural Anaerobic
Tasting notes: Strawberry, Blood orange, Red grape, Black currant, Hazel nut, Well-balanced