- What is the process as a ...

A seller

For a seller to start, fillling out the google form will the first step. We will reach out to seller once we received the form and then the item will be listed on the site. Once the item sells, the seller will need to start the process to deliver the item to Click & Brew. When we receive the item, the verification process will start. Once that is done, the funds will be release to you within 3 to 5 working days. Do kindly fill up the Google form in order to start listing your item. https://forms.gle/2i8tkMSMg1myr1Uu8

A buyer

Start by browsing the listing and once you have decided to go ahead with the purchase just add to cart and checkout. Do kindly note that payment process have to be completed for items listed on Marketplace. The whole process takes around 1 to 2 weeks before item can be delivered to buyer. Buyer will have 48 hours to react from the day the item is delivered. There will be a cancelation fee of 10% if buyer decided to cancel the order once the process is initiated. 

Click & Brew

Providing a platform to make it easier for both seller and buyer. We would be the neutral ground for both parties. 

- Who pays for shipping?

The shipping cost from the seller to us is deducted from the seller's payment, but the buyer pays shipping from us to them.

- Issue occur during shipping?

Both seller and buyer need to accept the risk that occur during shipping from seller and to buyer as this process is not within our control.

- Are there any fees for sellers?

Currently there is no fees for sellers but we are only accepting seller from Malaysia for now.

- What are the payment methods for sellers?

Seller can opt for payments through bank transfer or QR code.

- Are there any fees for the buyers?

Currently we are only charging the processing fee, which is 5% of the product price.