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100g Specialty Grade Coffee Bean Strawberry Natural El Mirador Farm EL MIRADOR "Strawberry Natural" / Colombia CLEAR PATH Series

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"Astonishing New Experience!" CLEAR PATH Series

Intense Strawberry Flavor!

EL MIRADOR "Strawberry Natural" Catiope,

Colombia, 100g

In Colombia, numerous innovative initiatives are currently taking place on farms. From such initiatives in Colombia, we have received a new rare product with a unique process from "CLEAR PATH," an exporter of raw coffee beans that shares these products with the world.

Located in the representative area of Huila, Colombia, is the famous EL MIRADOR farm. EL MIRADOR is a traditional farm that has been supported by three generations of family management for over 70 years. From this remarkable farm, we would like to introduce the special process called "Strawberry Natural."

*About Strawberry Natural*

Named after the term for a thick substance rich in sugar given to strawberries (similar to jam), Strawberry Natural is an infused coffee that incorporates a special fermentation process. It involves the introduction of black sugar derived from sugarcane and other microorganisms that promote fermentation in unique proportions into the fermentation tank. As the name suggests, it adds fermentation that evokes the flavor of strawberries when tasted.

EL MIRADOR farm is a traditional farm that has been supported by three generations of family management for over 70 years. Elkin Guzman, the current owner, is in his 16th year since inheriting the farm from his mother, Fanny Vargas, who took over when Elkin's grandparents initially started the coffee farm. With a strong curiosity, Elkin has diligently studied all the factors that affect the growth of coffee trees on a daily basis, as well as how they influence the quality of the cup, including the environmental conditions of the farm, varieties, and processes. This dedication has enabled the farm to consistently produce specialty coffee. Their focus lies not only in the evaluation of specialty selection but also in the evaluation of coffee's taste and quality as an appreciation for the farm, demonstrating their unwavering efforts as producers.

Taste Note: Strawberry, Chocolate

From grinding the beans to extraction, the delightful aroma of strawberries spreads abundantly.

Please give it a try!

[Rare Product]

EL MIRADOR "Strawberry Natural" Catiope, Colombia, 100g

Country: Colombia

Region: Huila


Producer: Elkin Guzman

Altitude: 1,550-1,680m

Varietal: Catiope

Process: Strawberry Natural