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100g Specialty Grade Coffee Bean Coconut Lemonade Natural MONTEBLANCO Farm / Colombia CLEAR PATH Series

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Coconut Lemonade Natural MONTEBLANCO Farm / Colombia CLEAR PATH Series

"Astonishing New Experience!" CLEAR PATH Series

【Tropical Coconut x Refreshing Lemonade Flavor!】

"Coconut Lemonade Natural" MONTEBLANCO

Purple Caturra, Colombia, 100g

In Colombia, numerous innovative initiatives are currently taking place on farms. From such initiatives in Colombia, we have received a rare product with a unique process called Coconut Lemonade Natural from "CLEAR PATH," an exporter of raw coffee beans that shares these innovative products with the world. The Monteblanco farm, located in the representative area of Huila, Colombia, is owned by Rodrigo Sanchez, who is known for introducing experimental coffees worldwide. From this remarkable farm, we would like to introduce the special process of "Coconut Lemonade Natural."

*About Coconut Lemonade Natural*

Infused with a unique proportion of citrus juice, dried mint, dried coconut, black sugar derived from sugarcane, and other microorganisms that promote fermentation, Coconut Lemonade Natural is an infused coffee that is flavored to evoke the taste of a lemonade beverage infused with coconut.

Taste Notes

Coconut, Lemongrass, Mint, Lime, Butter, Black tea

From grinding the beans to extraction, the aroma of tropical coconut and the refreshing citrus scent of lemongrass spread abundantly. From the moment it touches your palate, you can enjoy the rich flavor of tropical coconut, along with the refreshing notes of lemongrass, mint, lime, and more. The absolute aroma and flavor are incomparable to anything else.

As the season gets warmer, you can enjoy this incredibly refreshing coffee even as an iced coffee. You will first experience the refreshing flavor of lemonade that lingers in your nose, followed by the lingering aftertaste of coconut.

Please give it a try!

[Rare Product]

"Coconut Lemonade Natural" MONTEBLANCO

Purple Caturra, Colombia, 100g

Country: Colombia

Region: Huila

Farm: Monteblanco

Producer: Rodrigo Sanchez

Altitude: 1,730m

Varietal: Purple Caturra

Process: Coconut Lemonade Natural